Skin Care

  • Clinical Dermatology
  • Acne / pimple treatment
  • Fungal /Tinea treatment
  • Vitiligo treatment
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • Eczema / allergy treatment

Hair Care

  • Hairloss treatment
  • Hair regrowth therapy
  • Hair transplantation
  • Alopecia treatment
  • Beard regrowth
  • Eyebrow regrowth
  • Greying of Hair

Nail Care

  • Nail infections
  • Nail pitting treatment
  • Nail discoloration treatment
  • Brittle/broken nail treatment
  • Ingrown nail treatment

Ears & Eyes

  • Ear piercing
  • Earlobe repair
  • Ear keloid treatment
  • Dark circle treatment
  • Tired eye look
  • Eye puffiness treatment
  • Xanthelasma treatment
  • Eyelash enhancement

Packages & Procedures

  Packages :

  • Summer Body Package

  • Full Body Hair Removal

  • Skin Glow Treatment

  • Fat Reduction Treatment

  • Hairline correction (face & scalp) add on

  • Lip Augmentation add on

  • Marriage Complete Package

  • Bridal makeover (select minimum 4)

Vampire facelift therapy

Instant Skin lift

Lip augmentation

Eyebrow microblading

Double chin reduction

Jawline augmentation

Fat reduction treatment

Instant Glow Treatment

Breast / Buttocks Augmentation

  • Men Grooming Makeover

Hairline correction

Beard reshaping

Full body hair reduction laser

Instant Glow Treatment

Scar Reduction

Jawline augmentation

  • Corporate Package (Select any one or multiple)

Full body skin & hair check up

Individualised Nutritional Support

Essential Eye Rejuvenation

  • Child care

  • Atopic dermatitis

  • Nutritional assessment

  • Child hair disorders

  • Allergic skin care

  • New born skin & hair care

  • Diaper rashes treatment

  • Dry skin management 

  • Ear piercing

  • Covid Care

  • Post covid hair loss

  • Mask acne & allergy

  • Mask tinea (Mask fungus)

  • Sanitizer induced allergy

  • Blue light pigmentation

  • Post covid shingles

  • Vaccine related skin allergy


  • Dermato surgery –

Mole removal

Skin tag removal

Wart removal

Freckle removal

Vitiligo Surgery

Keloid reduction surgery

Scar Correction surgery

Sebaceous cyst removal

Nail surgery

  • Lasers

Laser hair reduction

Tattoo removal laser

Fat reduction laser

Skin resurfacing laser

Scar reduction laser

Laser for pigmentation

Vitiligo repigmentation

Lowlight laser therapy for hair

  • Anti Ageing

Botox for finelines

Fillers for facelift

Vampire facelift

Radiofrequency facelift

Thread lift

Neck rejuvenation

Chemical peels

Glow laser

  • Hair

Hair Transplantation

Hair micropigmentation

Eyebrow microblading

Hair reduction laser

Beard reshaping

Beard transplant

Patchy beard regrowth

PRP platelet rich plasma therapy

  • Lip & Ears

Lip fillers

Lip lighting

Ear piercing

Earlobe repair

Lip blushing

  • Miscellaneous

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